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What is
Sustainable Entrepreneurship Program (SEP)?

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Program is a 6-month incubator program initiated and led by Impact Hub Taipei, with a mission to scale the impact of local youths that contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals internationally. We do so by selecting 10 candidates, and connecting them to our wide network of partners that work with us on delivering a tailored, needs-based support to the finalists. The finalists will be sent to attend APYE (Asia Pacific Youth Exchange) during the ideation phase. And the business modeling phase follows the ideation phase. They’re also expected to attend the Social Venture Idea Competition at 17 Hearts Festival in Korea. Besides, our goal is to support the finalists to participate in regional or international competitions like Social Venture Challenge Asia, ASEAN Impact Challenge, Social Impact Award and etc.

Program Structure

Program Schedule

What to Expect During the Program?

Selection Process & Details

We Select Finalists Based on Their...

The project’s solution is addressing a clearly defined problem linked to one or more of the SDGs.

The project has the potential to make considerable further impact on one or more of the SDG targets.

Demonstrates an innovative approach in addressing the need. The innovative approach could include either an innovative solution and/or an innovative business model.

Demonstrates collaborative approach to solve the problems. Collaborations with government, private sector, academia, NGOs, and civil society are in place.

The solution and/or the business model can be replicated and scaled to other countries.

There is clear evidence of market demand for the product or service demonstrated by interest from partners or customers.
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Why Join The Program?

Opportunity to Cowork and Incubate Your Ideas at Impact Hub Taipei during SEP Program.
Mentorship Provided to Support You during the Growth Phase.
Access to All Our Strategic Partners for SEP Program.
Tailored Support and Programs by Experts.
Opportunity to Obtain Initial Seed Funding
Global Visibility and Connection to Our Community.

Our Mentors (inviting and confirming)

Virtual Mentors (inviting and confirming)​

We also invite several experts from Seoul, Germany to China as our virtual mentors to support the selected candidates to scale their impact.
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A Multi-Stakeholder Community

We believe that impact is a common effort and therefore we are building an international collaboration platform, bringing together key organisations from the public and private sector, and international organisations from South Korea and beyond, with a common goal to support the most promising ventures with tested solutions to scale their impact across borders.
Initiated and Led by
Founding Partners
* The organizer reserves the right to add, modify, define, and cease the program.